Aroma pastille “Belgische Bonbons”


Fragrance category: fruity

Ingredients: paraffin, essential oils.

Each scent melt can be divided into 3 square particles that are used separately.

 Size: 8,5 x 2,5 x 1 cm

Weight: 18 > g (+/- 2 g)

 Burn time: 12 hours

Das Duftmelt “Belgisches Bonbons” ist ein reichhaltiger süßer Duft mit klaren fruchtigen Noten. Dieser Duft wird dazu beitragen, eine sommerliche Atmosphäre im Haus zu schaffen, auch wenn es draußen düsterer Herbst ist.

How to use

  • Place one of the square fragrance particles in the aroma lamp. Light the candle.
  • Under the influence of heat, the paraffin will melt and fill your space with aroma.
  •  Melt the fragranced pastilles until you get the desired scent intensity. Then extinguish the candle. Wait for the paraffin to cool and harden again.
  •  The previous step can be repeated several times: each fragrance particle can spread the scent for 4 hours in the liquid state and retain it in the solid state.
  • When the fragrance has stopped scenting the space, remove the remaining wax from the aroma lamp while it is still warm and start using another fragrance.