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Beeswax pastilles are our small aromatic experiment. After all, not a lot of people make scented beeswax because it already has its own honey aroma. But we really wanted to make it. So we tried and it seems we succeeded. It took us a long time to find aromas that would go well with beeswax. Through the process of trial and error, we chose four flavors: cinnamon, amber, sandalwood, and a spicy blend. We recommend you to try it and fill your space with light.

A set of beeswax pastilles can be a perfect gift. It will help to create a romantic mood and add some aroma to your memories!

The set includes:

– 6 scented beeswax pastilles – approx. 42 hours of aroma

The set is available in four fragrances:

- Amber – sweet, balsamic, warm aroma with notes of wood and frankincense.

- Cinnamon – a fragrance that perfectly reproduces the sweet and spicy smell of cinnamon, quite rich and persistent

Spice blend – spicy-sweet, slightly tart and rich aroma, combines citrus fruits and notes of cinnamon and clove spices

- Sandalwood – a peculiar, bright aroma with a woody, rich, smoky-musky hue

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