Candles workshop


Candles workshop for children

We handcraft candles since 2013. During all this time, we are always learning. We already know a lot about candles, aromas, and are ready to share our knowledge with everyone who loves handmade work just like us and is willing to gain new experience and emotions.

That’s why we conduct candle masterclasses for adults and children. We want to show that candle is more than just light.

“Candles & Wine” workshop

Vienna Candle Manufactory is a space where candles, coffee, and wine exist in a special harmony. We had an idea to combine candle masterclasses with wine tasting.

Such masterclass is perfect for a birthday celebration, a bachelorette party, a friends gathering, or for any other occasion.

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Meetings and lectures

Vienna Candle Manufactory is a space for meetings and lectures by candlelight where we talk about art, music, cinema, and life, of course.

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