Crafting candles is an artistry cherished and refined by hand, imbued with boundless love and a singular focus: you. Each creation, meticulously handcrafted, reflects our devotion to bringing warmth and joy into your life.



Plant wax

We are environmentally conscious, so the main ingredient in most of our candles is vegetable wax. It is a natural substance, completely environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Candles made from plant wax are suitable for people who are allergic to bee products. In addition, such candles burn for a long time and do not give off any smell when burning.

Bee wax

We really love working with bee wax. It’s a flexible substance, so candles of various forms can be created with it. Any artistic idea can be brought to life while decorating bee wax candles. When burning, bee wax candles give out a really soft light and a pleasant honey smell. They also release antibacterial substances. All in all, bees being bees :)


 Yes, we use paraffin though we know about all its drawbacks. However, we use paraffin only of the highest quality. Why? Because molded and carved candles, the favorites of Lviv Candle Manufactory customers, can only be made from paraffin. But we work persistently to find an eco-friendly mix as an alternative to paraffin to make all your and our candle fantasies come true without harming the environment.


Wick is an essential element in a candle. We call it the soul of the candle. The quality of the candle depends on the right choice of the wick. In candle production, we use cotton and wooden wicks. Wooden wick adds a special touch to the burning of the candle. The fire is flickering a bit, a lump of bright coal is seen at the center, and you can hear a light “crackling sound of the fire” and smell a delicate wooden aroma. We offer – you choose whatever you like.


We choose aromas for our candles carefully. We understand how important it is to find the correct associations to your emotions, moods, and events, and choose those special ones. It is a process that is always accompanied by hesitations and debates since we know we are choosing aromas to become part of your memories and treasured moments.


 Creativity is one of our strengths. We have so much inspiration and so many ideas that we have never had a problem choosing a form or a color for a candle. And we have so much fun with it! Just imagine — your candle acquires its form and color, and most importantly it acquires sense. You closely follow each creation stage, and then this candle fills your life moments with light. It’s priceless and it’s our inspiration!

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