Soy wax candle with the scent of “grapefruit and patchouli”


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Material: soy wax in a metal jar.

Wick: wooden, slightly crackles when burning.

Weight: 220 g (+/- 10 g)

Fregrance: grapefruit and patchouli - slightly bold at the beginning, sweet in the middle, with citrus notes of grapefruit and sweet, musky notes of patchouli

Burn time: from 25 hours

Candle size: height - 8 cm, diameter - 7.5 cm

It is so important that the light is with us at all times That's why we launched the popular collection of soy wax candles in metal tins "Wien Licht" in three scents: intoxicating "Cherry and Cognac", fragrant "Sage and Cedar" and cheeky "Grapefruit and Patchouli". Choose a scent and enjoy the light and atmosphere wherever you are.