Beeswax candle “Tsvitna”


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Material: Bee wax

Wick: Cotton

Size: 13,5 cm in height, 7 cm in diameter

Weight: 480 g (+/- 10 g)

Burn time: 50 hours


Artist: Dzvinka Zahaiska. The painting is specially created for the wax candles collection “Plekana”.

Care and safety

Die Kerze „Die Blumige“ wurde speziell für die Kerzenkollektion aus Bienenwachs „Gehegte und Gepflegte“ kreiert. Sie ist eine Art Fortsetzung der Tradition der Ornamentkerzen, die wir zu Weihnachten 2021 begründet haben.  Damals haben unsere Handwerker zwei Bienenwachskerzen “Wertep” und “Swisda” mit dem Muster der Autorin Dzwinka Sahajska gefertigt.

In spring, we decided to continue our artistic collaboration with Dzvinka, and came up with the idea of “Tsvitna” candle. Just the same as the Christmas one, this candle was to be made of beeswax with a meaningful and tactile painting. The artist offered her original painting of a tree of life to use on this candle. The tree is the symbol of the universe, its inception; the symbol of growth, harmony and immortality; inexhaustible vitality; eternal renewal and rebirth, and birds are bright guardian spirits.

Therefore, “Tsvitna” is a symbolic candle, a candle of tradition. It contains the philosophy of simplicity and the meanings of forgotten traditions.

When a candle is more than just light…

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