Honeycombs (wax) candle


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A handmade candle rolled from wax, has a natural wax color and fills the house with a honey aroma.

Material: beeswax (honeycombs)

Wick: Cotton

Size: 13 cm in height, 5 cm in diameter

Burn time: 7-8 hours

Care and safety

Please note:

When you light the candle for the first time, it’s important to let it burn so that the wax fully melted over the entire surface of the candle. It prevents the creation of a so-called tunnel.

Before lighting the candle, the wick should always be cut off to be 6mm long. Longer wicks may cause uneven burning or spontaneous combustion.

We recommend lighting the candle every time for no longer than 3 hours. 

For your safety, please, put the candle on a flat surface and use a candle holder or a coaster.

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