Easter candle traditions

We, at the Vienna Candle Manufactory, have also developed our own Easter traditions since 2013. For example, every year we make lambs, lace and ordinary Easter egg candles from beeswax. This material is the most traditional for candles, although it is not very easy to work with, it is extremely pleasant and very fragrant.

And sets of Easter egg candles have also become traditional. We make them from high-quality paraffin wax. The set consists of 6 Easter egg candles. We carefully wrap each candle in paper, put it in a basket, and decorate it with a ceramic medallion with the logo of the Vienna Candle Manufactory.

We have a lot of ideas and inspiration, so every year we create something special. So, this year, we combined carving techniques on the Easter egg candle and additionally decorated the ornament with acrylic paints. The traditional symbols of a triangle and a horse were used for the image. So a little love, a lot of inspiration - and real Easter magic is created.

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