Aromas that heal

Aromatherapy is considered a type of alternative medicine that uses the beneficial properties of essential oils. Our body reacts to the scent quite quickly, as it is sent directly to the brain for analysis using special receptors. Fragrances help regulate emotions and memory, feelings of drowsiness and vigor, and fight stress, fatigue, and exhaustion. At the Vienna Candle Manufactory, we produce Aroma tablets, colored paraffin wax plates that are scented with essential oils and perfumes from Grasse, a town in the south of France famous for its perfumery history. When the fragrance melts in an aroma lamp, it releases a whole bouquet of scents that fill the space for a long time.

At the Vienna Candle Manufactory, you will find a diverse palette of fragrances that can be used individually or combined with each other. You just need to choose your favorites, mix them, create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy.

Remember that different essential oils have different effects on our body, such as:

  • Lavender has anti-stress and antiseptic properties (it can kill germs in the air).
  • Vanilla will help you relax.
  • Orange improves blood circulation and reduces appetite.
  • Lemon invigorates, increases attention in case of fatigue.
  • Jasmine gives a good mood and preserves the youthfulness of the skin.
  • Patchouli is able to create a romantic atmosphere and set the mood for intimacy.
  • Rose is an aphrodisiac and also helps to calm the mind.
  • Cinnamon invigorates, increases attention and reduces irritability.


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