Set of wax candles, 4 pcs


24,00 30,00 

Material: Bee wax

Wick: Cotton

Please note that the color of the candle may differ from the product image on the website, depending on the batch of wax, season, and area of collection. The color can vary from bright yellow to yellow-green.


Care and safety

This collection of beeswax candles we call “Plekana” (“Cherished”) .

A candle made of beeswax is special — it’s alive. Simple on the outside, full of light on the inside.

Cherished by nature and the hands of our artists. It is a philosophy of simplicity and meanings of forgotten traditions.

“Plekana” (“Cherished”) is a quiet aesthetic and tranquility, found beauty and preserved history.

When a candle is more than just light… 

Please note:

Before lighting the candle, the wick should always be cut off to be 6mm long. Longer wicks may cause uneven burning or spontaneous combustion.

We recommend lighting the candle every time for no longer than 3 hours. 

For your safety, please, put the candle on a flat surface and use a candle holder or a coaster.


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24cm, 32cm