Lucky candle



Ingredient: Soy wax

Wick: Wood

Weight:: 220 g (+/- 10 g)

Aroma: Tonka bean and cedarwood/tobacco and patchouli.

Burn time: 35 hours

*A refill option is available for this candle - if your candle has burned out, you can bring it or send it to us and we will refill it with scent. To order this, write to our email address:

A little luck can't hurt ✨
Die Glückskerze – Kerze aus Sojawachs mit Holzdocht in zwei neuen exquisiten Geschmacksrichtungen ist erhältlich .

Tonka bean is an oriental fragrance that enchants with a smoky heart and a sweet, sophisticated nuance.

Tobacco Wood Oud is a woody, spicy aroma with sweet and spicy notes of tonka bean and cedarwood, tobacco and patchouli.

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Tonkabohne und Zedernholz, Tabak und Patchouli