• Soy-wax candle with DYVO aroma


    The solemn sound of imaginary flowers next to a plate of fragrant fruit is like a memory of a holiday from childhood...

    Material: soy wax, perfumed composition based on natural oils

    Form: bowl made of blown glass, bowl size: height approx. 10.5 cm, diameter approx. 7.5 cm

    Wick: Cotton

    Weight: 200 g (+/- 10 g)

    Fregrance: DYVO: fresh, sweet soliflore, floral and musky aroma with fruity notes…

    Top notes: bergamot, orange blossom, neroli

    Heart notes: orange peel, tangerine, water chord, rhubarb, cinnamon, peach, pineapple, sweet glaze

    Base notes: white musk, atlas cedarwood oil, sandalwood, rosewood oil, cold frankincense

    Burn time: 40 hours

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