A special candle for a special Christmas

This year's Christmas is special because everyone feels the value of the moment, the value of those around them, the value of family. And Christmas is always a time for family traditions: those passed down from generation to generation and those that we form ourselves.

The candle is an ancient symbol of Christmas .So we wanted to create not just a Christmas candle, but a traditional candle, a candle that you will light with your family every year on Christmas Day, a candle filled with a special meaning.

Natural wax, three-dimensional tactile pattern, ancient symbols, smart design - this is how we envisioned our special Christmas candle. And this is how we created it with the help of the artist Dzvinka Zagayska, who is the author of the drawing depicted on the candle.

The candle combines traditional elements of the winter holidays - a star, a didukh, a goat, and a spider. These elements were chosen for the candle for a reason: the octagonal star is a symbol of the newborn God, the didukh represents the ancestors we honor during the holidays, the goat is a traditional character in the Christmas mystery and brings prosperity to every home, and the spider is the main amulet against evil spirits.

Our Christmas candle can be lit year after year from the Bethlehem fire, gathered around it with the whole family at the Christmas Eve table and create your own traditions together. This is how your own holiday story begins, filled with light, warmth, and comfort.

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